Albert Architecture

1. CGI Images

We can create any type of building or scenario in  3D. These types of images are the backbone of any marketing campaign, used in print media, from brochures to full building banners

2. Architectural

Architectural walk-throughs are a form of a short movie that not only turns visuals into realistic environments, but creates a narrative around the mood and aesthetic territory of the design, turning it into a space that comes alive. 

This method is correlated well with CGI images, providing great efficiency to the workflow. 

3. Video Insert &
Camera tracking

We use preshot video footage on top of which we composite the 3D architectural building, for a seamless end result. This type of solution can be used for aerial, eye-level, or anything in between. 


4. VFX Animation

The VFX animations are a new approach that we take to our services, it is the organically growing direction of our studio It gives us the opportunity to expand our visual reach, and it expands an already infinite field.

5. Virtual Reality

We create VR tours, which allow users to move and explore the unbuilt space.  This service can be used in a web browser, phone, or tablet, and also with VR glasses. 

We also found out that this is a great service to offer designers and architects, in order to help them bring their vision to life, and showcase their designs to the ir clients. 

This service boosts international sales and marketing reach by empowering local agents to bring spaces to life for their clients without the immediate need to visit a physical marketing suite in the location city.

Neo City

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Evin Development - the views

Design iterations